Friday, February 3, 2012

work it

There are so many different styles out there and deciding which one you like best is hard. Thats why I don't : ] I create my own mixture of things I like. I call this...



A mixture of--Fashion Forward, Hippie, Girly, Preppy, Artsy, Bohemian, rock'n roll, casual.

Let me show you.

A great lace dress and the collar completes it.

Throwing on a piece of fur. major.

LOVE my Steven Madden Troopa combats. A must.

A great jumper is a must. And with this necklace...
I'm a sucker for a great chunky necklace. Completes even the most basic of outfits.

Put me in a sparkly piece and I am golden... ; ]

love the white on white with a chestnut belt to break it up. And packing on the gold bangles makes it uber sexy.

had to throw some MK & A in. Reminds me of my beautiful sister and I.

Hoping this is leather under that great gold pattern.

Sparkle makes everything better. always.

NEVER can go wrong with a good ole black and white strip.

So you see, a little of everything. and thats OK. Seriously. All you need to know is if you think you can work it people will think so to.

even if you really can't. and that happens. sorry I'm not sorry. :D

Until next time,