Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring forward

My spring fever has been brewin' for awhile now and its finally here..


So i've been trying to sneak some color in my wardrobe and now the sneaking can stop.

Bring on the color explosion.

wait for it...

okay so first, just a little color. some jade to get people ready for what is about to happen.

wait for it..

Blue. The perfect way to make your outfit just perfect.

now here it is, the ultimate Spring accessory.


PINKS ahhh 

and now, this year i am going to try it. yellow.


i mean come on, if blake lively looks good in it surely i will....

So it is settled, my spring wardrobe is booming and no one can tell me no 
because i....


Friday, March 16, 2012


Woke up today with this kinda attitude.

while laying in this bed

with these pillows

got up went to this room

had dessert for breakfast

drank my coffee with my nails perfectly manicured in red
and drank my cappuccino AND cup of coffee...

went to my closet

threw on my cheetah sweater and shorts

and my cheetah flats

thought my cheetah obsession wouldn't go well with others so i grabbed a different pair.

covered my wrists in braclets till i couldn't pick up my arm, since that's in style..

put on a great necklace

thought to myself, this or this?

went with the Jade because Bazaar told me mint is THE color

looked at myself in my vanity

said this three times aloud

thanks Kate.

walked out the door knowing i looked JUST like if not better than 

got in a taxi 

or rather jumped in?

and then woke up.

maybe one day, but until then