Saturday, October 15, 2011

day one.

you know when you just get that feeling, like when you wake up and you say "today is the first day of the rest of my life"? that was today for me.

the only way i know how to start is to begin with the things i love, the things that give inspiration, and the things of beauty.

two words, vintage and color. my life. things old, used, found. you know the saying, "one mans trash is another mans treasure"? that was created for me. color, please i live for color. 

since this is my first post i didn't know what to expect but now that i am here, finally starting my journey, the ideas are flowing. this will get better, it will, i know it will. 
i have little of my own work so today is devoted to you, yall, yous guys. tomorrow its all about me and what i am good at, sorry.

to understand this new blog trend  i looked at my fair share of blogs to know what i was getting myself into. here are some of my favorite things.
royal blue, my love. looks great on everyone. honestly, try it.
not only is it cheetah but its purple. fierce.

gotta love the red lips and sea foam green. i would have added a great chunky necklace that is all shades of blue. 

love rihannas necklace, i will be making this.

have these,love them
love these, want them.

bottom line- color, sparkle, and print brings beauty.

and this, a picture of rachel zoe, my stylist obsession. one day i will be just as great as she is. i hope.

until next time,

1 comment:

  1. SO proud of you! LOVE everything about this. Of course.
    Cannot wait to see you become the next Rachel Zoe :)
    Love you so much!